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We've been evolving over the period

The Lighting Industry has experienced significant changes over the years. From the invention of bulb, the industry has seen various modification from conventional and incandescent to LEDs and Smart Lighting solutions.

We make a difference in Lighting Industry, we create a niche in lighting world with our unique exclusive, ergonomic designs that light up your world in an enchanting way

The Functional objectives are achieved with a new dimension of sophistication while dealing with customer right from exploring the product range to guiding the customer to select the luminaire that would provide a solution to his needs. The support to our customers is always rendered with fortitude and a renewed sense of responsibility.

We exhibit integrity when it comes to developing and designing a new product, Some parameters to exceed the users' expectations, comprise of illuminating surrounding spaces, brightening up proportionately, making light reach every corner, easy on your pocket, long service life, efficient and easy to install with complete backup and support