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LED Traffic Lights

While waiting at traffic signals, sometimes we are unable to see the traffic lights if we are at a longer distance from the pole. At some junctions, people tend to miss some signals if the traffic signal poles are placed at the side lead to road mishaps.

We are super excited to announce our all new LED linear lights which have linear lighting patterns attached to the poles for better visibility. The poles display green, amber and red lights in a linear inverted L pattern making it easily visible for the users even at a long distance thereby reducing chances of accidents.

Use of LED lights results in high efficiency, low power consumption and long life. These lights are anti-glare and are equipped with weatherproof provisions making it durable and best fit in all weather conditions. Our elegant design upscales the city beautification. 

Let’s make India brighter, safer and green! Switch to linear LED traffic lights now. 

For more information, contact us at info@wattera.in