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Kharghar Railway Station's Parking Area

Kharghar is a part of Navi Mumbai and is a suburb under Panvel Municipal Corporation. It has been developed by CIDCO (City and Industrial Development Corporation) completely. Kharghar Railway station is the 4th station from Panvel on the Harbour line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway Network. It is a home of more than 1 lac people and is also developed as an Educational Hub of Navi Mumbai as many prominent schools and colleges are present in Kharghar node. Some famous places include Navi Mumbai Corporate park, Central Park which is spread across 290 acres and is considered as one of the biggest parks of Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. 


With multiple tourist places and educational institutions, Kharghar has become an integral part of Navi Mumbai which has led to higher daily footfall in trains. The residents also travel to other parts of Mumbai & Navi Mumbai in locals as it becomes faster & convenient for them. Since Kharghar is spread across a big area, many residents park their vehicles at the station to commute to work via train and get back home on the same in the evening. This has led to lot of vehicles being parked at the station daily and it has become important for the commuters to roam around and access their vehicles while parking early in the morning or late at night with ease. 


Wattera undertook this prestigious project of revamping the existing lighting structure of Kharghar’s railway station parking to give it a better & brighter illumination in an energy efficient manner. The existing conventional lightings were being used since many years which were causing higher energy consumption and maintenance. After carrying out a detailed survey of the entire area and sharing the concepts with the Railway department, we replaced the conventional lights with our high performance LED Street lights. Wattera LED Street lights gave uniform and better illumination making the area more visible and easily accessible during early mornings and nights. 

Our ERAsmart series of Street lights ensures colour stability and luminous flux maintenance rate of lamp adequately making it a perfect fit for parking areas. It requires very less human intervention in terms of maintenance and Ingress protection rating of 66 makes it resistant to extreme weather conditions. 

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