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Wattera provides Lighting Solutions to various applications from Indoor to Outdoor category catering work places, residential, city beautification, industries, interiors and hospitality spaces.

Classic & Elegant

Wattera LED Street Lighting has revolutionized illumination of streets and common areas. Wattera LED Street Lights consumes less electricity as compared to traditional lights, and have better life and light quality.


Wattera LED Street lights are constructed in solid state devices with robust fashion for better durability and compatibility

Areas Of Applications

Street and Roadways

 Wattera LED Street lighting ensure safety to roadways and highway applications

Fast Growing Industries

Wattera Industrial Lighting ensures safety and product durability.

Modern Office

Wattera Lighting Solutions encourages the new age Lighting, assisting various applications

City Beautification

Wattera LED Lightings has a wide range which can beautify the metropolitans and downtowns

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