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Bombay Presidency Golf Club

There are thousands of Golf clubs in India at present as the interest towards the sport is increasing day by day. When we talk about the top Golf clubs, only some of them make it in the top list. One of them is Bombay Presidency Golf Club located at Chembur, Mumbai. It all began in 1927 with the founding of the club named “The New Club Ltd” at Sewree on reclaimed land belonging to the port trust. Over the years, things progressed and it evolved as a proper golf course spread across a large area. It is now the most prestigious golf club in Mumbai & in 2009, multiple modifications along with redesigning activities were carried out making the club what it is, today. Bombay Presidency Golf Club which has 18 holes has a large member community.

It is one of the first clubs to introduce Night golf tournament and Wattera undertook this prestigious project of lighting up the Golf Course in the best way possible. At first, Our team carried a detailed survey of the layout and understood their requirements. After thorough research we worked on the best solutions and offered Wattera Flood light range of luminaries for sports lighting. We eventually installed high efficiency Wattera LED flood lights with high precision secondary optics for optimum distribution of light. The lights were selected and placed in a way such that it ensured sufficient lux levels to play Golf even at night. Wattera range of flood lights cover a wide area ensuring proper maintenance even at nights.

Our LED floodlights are durable and integrated with a structural design for efficient heat dissipation which guarantees higher lumen maintenance & a failure proof product. Ingress protection of IP66 helps in withstanding extreme weather conditions making it a perfect fit at the Golf Club.

Lastly, having suggested & installed the best product fit along with delivering the right service, BPGC went with the same solution by Wattera for the pending holes with zero rejection rates in our products. 


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