Company Profile

Wattera Industries has over 20 years of valuable experience and exertise in the field of manufacturing of Light Fittings, both for the industrial as well as the decorative and commercial application. Being one  of the D.K. Group of companies, the founder members are  highly experienced not only in manufacturing  but also have immense amount of experience in sales and marketing . It has a proven track record of innovating new products and positioning them across industries PAN India. Today’s industry demands   sharply rising , energy - efficient , user and environment friendly lighting solutions at an optimum cost and there is where Wattera Industries plays a vital role. Wattera is a linking bridge between the customers’ voice and the lighting product solutions that it offers.

The extensive product portfolio includes architectural and commercial fluorescent, Induction, HID, LED, Solar, Dark Sky friendly outdoor luminaires, emergency fixtures, lighting controls and customized  fixtures for both indoor as well as outdoor installation.

Needless to say, it is one of the leading manufacturers of light fittings in western India . With it’s quick adaptation to market needs of LED lighting , Wattera has developed a whole new range of innovative and intelligent LED lighting , while adhering to the manufacturing and testing stipualted standards . Thus WATTERA is growing from strength to strength.

Wattera brand lighting products haveto their credit , a prominent presence and a proven track record  in the industries such as Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Chemical besides Commercial establishments, entertainment complexes, hospitals,shopping malls, retail showrooms, offices, hotels,  hospitals,  residential housing complexes, etc. 


Wattera originally was a company under the banner -  M/s NILESH ( INDIA ), the latter used to market the lighting products with the brand name `BLU LITE’. M/s NILESH (INDIA) is well known for it’s innovative lighting products and continues to operate from Bhandup, Mumbai. M/s NILESH (INDIA) has contributed to the Indian industry by way of it’s innovative thinking and products in-built with quality and reliability!


With a self - owned manufacturing facility of built on a plot admeasuring 18000 square feet, in Vasai ( Thane District ) in Maharashtra, India Wattera is poised for exponential growth not only with respect to the turnover but also in terms of developing and marketing more and more environment friendly, energy-saving and long life lighting products using the green technology and solutions.

The facility includes a modern tool room, Compressors, Pressed parts manufacturing machines and also a pre-treatment facility.

With the aid of it’s state of the art facility and utilities, it is able to effect speedy delivery of goods that are ordered by it’s clients. The team of 30 + employees is well trained and qualified for carrying out their responsibilities to their best ability.


To be a leading manufacturer and solution provider of innovative, high quality lighting products and systems to the wide customer base majorly for commercial and industrial utilities.There is always a continuous effort put in , to improve the existing products and processes and bring out into the market, more innovative designs of lighting products so as to meet / exceed the customers’ expectations  in terms of energy saving , long service life and aesthetic quality.

The core of the product development and R and D is an innate commitment to utilise the latest technology available in the market, for improving not only the product quality, luminaire efficiency  and service life but also to safeguard the environment and thus planet earth.


A team of 15+ well trained sales personnel including representation vide dealership network , PAN India , have contributed to the positioning of WATTERA brand products in almost every region of India.


WATTERA INDUSTRIES is committed to serve it’s customer first. Timely response and unmatched Service both before and post sale, to customers are the key factors that make a company successful and that is exactly what we follow. Retention of customers for a long span of time is one more of our specialities. From the product selection and specification through delivery and more, WATTERA iNDUSTRIES is committed and focussed on fulfillment of expectations satisfactorily. `KEEP IT SIMPLE’ is what the leadership says, at WATTERA INDUSTRIES. Thus doing business is simplified and comfortable from the customers point of view. Customers while interacting with a supplier, right from the enquiry stage till final order execution must feel that they have been serviced completely and satisfactorily. This is exactly where WATTERA meets expectations. A rare combination of expertise of the Leadership at WATTERA and their experience and policy to serve customers to the fullest, leads to customer delight. The message given is You can count on  WATTERA INDUSTRIES , for getting a solution to all your lighting needs.


At Wattera Industries , we are led by a Top Management team of visionaries , having a mission to achieve , that is  -  leading the LED light manufacturing industry, in India, par excellence. Goals and Objectives of the Organization are well defined , with complete alignment to the broader perspective of giving to the customers, products and solutions that are better than the last best ! Continuous improvements in manufacturing processes and the service to customers always has been the top priority of Wattera Industries’s Leadership.

There is a team of 45 + employees  serving Wattera, under the  leadership  of :

Mr. Vijay Shah (Managing Director)

Mr. Vijay Shah made a humble beginning of his  journey to success, 30 + years ago. He charted an ambitious growth path for the company since inception. The company – Wattera Industries, which is one among the D. K. Group of companies, is revenue wise, on a rising curve andowes its exponential growth  to a  significant and quality - conscious market in India  , today. The cumulative experience  in representing  high quality , high value brands of electrical goods as a distributor, and building a large network of clientele from across industries in India, over several years,  has helped him change the course of the company and put it on a high growth path.

Says Mr. Vijay Shah, when asked about his success as  the M.D. of  Wattera Industries - `` A Strategic approach to business and perseverance to excel in this industry are the key factors that drive Wattera Industries higher , on the growth trajectory. We always strive to  deliver the best possible products and solutions to our customers, and for that , we need to keep abreast of the changes and developments in the ever changing technology of lighting.’’

Mr. Jayesh Shah (Director Technical)

Mr. Jayesh Shah is a seasoned technocrat  in the field of manufacturing lighting products for commercial and industrial  application, undoubtedly , with his  technical background, he being a bachelor of Engineering. Prior to his role in Wattera Industries, he headed the management at Nilesh India and mastered the production techniques and swift development of new products while adhering to the stipulated standards , regulations and norms of manufacturing. His  stint  with Wattera Industries , though less than 10 years , is definitely highly significant , since he has , with his vast knowledge and technical expertise, conceived and realised lighting products with the latest LED technology. From development to manufacturing to production , Mr. Jayesh Shah  optimizes the product  development cycle time .

No wonder, why, in a short span of time, Wattera has been able to carve a niche for itself in the fraternity of small scale manufacturers , in western India.

Mr. Abhay Shah (Director Sales)

Mr. Abhay Shah is in this electrical journey of success from 20 years. He charted an ambitious growth path for the company from long time. The company – Wattera Industries, which is one among the D. K. Group of companies, is revenue wise, on a rising curve and owes its exponential growth  to a  significant and quality - conscious market in India, today. The cumulative experience  in sales from across industries in India, over several years,  has helped him change the course of the company and put it on a high revenue path.

It's his immense efforts that has helped D. K. Group of companies to reach where, it is today!